Computer repair

Computer repair

Computer repair, Printer repair, TV, television repair, service, coffee machine repair service, equipment maintenance, maintenance contracts.

    We provide warranty and non-warranty repair services in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions and based on manufacturer’s warranty procedures. Warranty repair for customers is free.

    Most manufacturers additionally offer free pick-up and return service to repair or from repair or ONSITE at the office or home.

    We offer warranty and non-warranty repairs: Samsung, HP, HP Enterprise, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, IBM, LG, Epson, Benq, Gsmart, Toshiba, Prestigio, Philips, Nec, Hitachi, ViewSonic, TallyGenicom, Packard Bell, Orvaldi, Navitel , Vertex, Allview Products. More detailed information on manufacturers and product groups can be found  here.

     Negarantijas remontus veicam visa vieda datoriem.

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